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Using coffee as the catalyst, Active Passion desires to generate a universal passion for an active lifestyle. Through education, top technology, delicious coffee, and rewarding nutritious foods, we aim to create an environment that makes you feel as welcome in sweaty workout wear as you would in business or casual wear. Cheers to Active living!


Active Passion ultimately aims to be the place where everyone can share their Active Passion as part of their daily routine.


Life is worth living, and Active Passion wants to take part in the joy of it all. Watch out for the little Monsters around the shop as they love a little mischief! 


Communities change the world all the time. The Active Passion community will help create positive change through Coffee, Nutrition, and Performance. 


Living an active lifestyle means learning all about it. Active Passion aims to provide the education necessary to lead an active lifestyle. 


The key to an active lifestyle is not just the activity part. The proper nutrition, even better when tasty, can help elevate Performance.

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Open Daily from 6:30 AM to 4:00 PM.

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Active Passion