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Brother Beans Coffee
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Vernon Township, New Jersey, 07462
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Our story began in 2016, when I became a barista at a small coffee shop in the Hoboken / Jersey City area. At first it was a way to earn extra cash, but then it turned into something more. Conducting coffee tastings regularly and trying out specialty coffee beans for the first time opened my eyes to what drinking a cup of coffee can be like. The barista job turned into a passion and I attended an artisan coffee roasting school in Vermont. 

When I got back from school, I shared with my brother what fresh roasted coffee beans could taste like. Thus our goal of starting the best NJ coffee roaster possible! We started to research and explore locally roasted coffee in our area and the first thing we discovered was that freshness is of the upmost importance. 

Our mission is a little different from other coffee roasters, which is to provide the best freshly roasted coffee online and delivered straight to your door. As soon as an online coffee order comes in, we roast, package, and ship. All coffee roasting operations begin with our Diedrich 2.5 fully automated coffee roaster. Having an automated machine helps us maintain the same roast every time, which leads to a more consistent cup.  


Our website makes ordering your favorite coffee roast seamless and easy! We offer fifteen different varieties, 14 of which are single origin. Some of our coffees are also fully customizable, for example, if you like Colombian coffees but do not like light roasts (which is how we roast it), you have the option to select the roast type “dark” and origin “Colombian”. Thus making your coffee roasted how you like it! Making-Your-Own-Blend is also an option on our online coffee shop. Choose from your favorite origins and blend them together to make your coffee taste just the way you want it too! As soon as you buy coffee beans on our website, the order is roasted and shipped within 24 hours to make sure you have the freshest coffee beans possible! 


If you are looking to buy coffee beans in bulk, there is an option for that also on our website. Teaming up with a local, quality coffee roaster, helps your business connect with the community and increases the quality of your store. We supply product for all types of coffee businesses including coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants. Our bulk coffee bean prices are competitive with the rest of the market. As for variety, we offer 13 different single origin coffees on our wholesale online store. 

Our product list also includes cold brew and nitro coffee. Cold brewed coffee is making a splash in the industry because it is high in caffeine, but smooth tasting without the bitter taste! It is sold either by the bottle or in five gallon kegs. A kegerator is provided free of charge with the cold brew on tap option, which makes serving cold brew easy! 


We hope you find our coffee site useful in your coffee journey! Let our many years of experience, help you with making the finest cup in New Jersey! Coffee shouldn’t just be your caffeine fix for the day. There is more work that goes into your fresh roasted cup of coffee in the morning than your glass of wine at night so it deserves some brotherly love!

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