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Coffee + Cake = A Match in Heaven

No matter the time of day or occasion, you can rely on coffee to be a delicious complement to a delectable treat. My favorite food to eat with coffee: cake. There is something so divine about the marriage of flavors between the sweetness of the cake and the boldness of the coffee. What’s even better than regular cake and coffee? You’ve got it. Coffee cake! If you’ve never tried it… well, you’re totally missing out. I have a few coffee cake flavors that I’d like to talk about, and therefore… let the coffee cake games begin!

Coffee and cake


Okay, first off, I am obsessed with cinnamon. I use at least double the amount suggested with baking, and I put cinnamon in things that don’t even need cinnamon. It’s a slight problem. I bring up my cinnamon addiction for one reason: cinnamon coffee cake. It’s by far my favorite, and that magnificent cinnamon streusel on top is to die for, honestly. My favorite coffee to drink with this is a simple black cup of coffee or sometimes a café au lait if I am looking for a more warming taste. You can get yours here.

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